Chakra Breathing Meditations – Layne Redmond – AudioBook CD

Chakra Breathing Meditations with Layne Redmond Unabridged 1 CD Audio Book Set Get alternative Meditation CDs click here Chakra Breathing Meditations – with Layne Redmond – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 CDs – 1.25 hours): About Chakra Breathing Meditations According to early yogic teachings your breathing is a direct signifies of unifying and purifying your consciousness. On Chakra Breathing Meditations world-acclaimed frame drummer Layne Redmond shows you how to tap into this historic technologies through easy breathing practices combined with movement and syncopated music. Guiding you through all 7 chakras (the power centers of the body) Chakra Breathing Meditations includes: – Yogic breathing to achieve an expanded state of awareness- Seated meditations to activate each of the 7 chakras- Standing meditation with full yogic breath- A strolling and breathing meditation accompanied by spirited drums and musicYour breathing reflects your state of notice — if your breathing is shallow and irregular your notice is distracted and less concentrated; when your breathing becomes deep and calm your notice becomes obvious and calm. Then with Chakra Breathing Meditations you have a revitalizing unique home-practice system to quiet your notice and energize the body.Music by Layne Redmond and Tommy Brunjes. With frame drums Tibetan singing bowl hand struck bells and chimes and tamboura. About Layne Redmond She s truly the only girl on this list that involves Tony Williams Roy Haynes Zakir Hussain Elvin Jones and Micky Hart and truly the only drummer on that list whose function is focused found on the spiritual and healing aspects of drumming. Layne Redmond s unusual path concentrates found on the hand-held frame drum the world s oldest recognized drum. For fifteen years she researche more…..

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