Alchemy of Abundance – Rick Jarow – AudioBook CD

Alchemy of Abundance by Rick Jarow Paperback book with 1 CD Get other Meditation and Mindfulness AudioBooks click here Alchemy of Abundance – Rick Jarow – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 CD): About Alchemy of Abundance Through his internationally acclaimed anti-career workshops Rick Jarow has helped thousands transform their work lives by aligning with the simple energy of desire. Now with Alchemy of Abundance Jarow invites us to use this ever-present energy to catalyze change in our relationships our creative pursuits our financial well-being and more. Working with 12 specific chambers of abundance readers learn to focus their passion and desire to create immediate changes in their lives. From friendships to romantic love from material wealth to spiritual aspirations Jarow shows how personal abundance is deeply influenced by the world around us and how intention and emotions work together to transmute the base metal of a stagnant life into the gold of inner fulfillment and measurable success. About Rick Jarow E.H. Rick Jarow Ph.D. has transformed the way the world thinks about their work purpose and vocation. As the pioneer of the anti-career movement and author of Creating the Work You Love he has helped thousands open to their intuition transform their values into action and answer their true calling… instead of settling for yet another job. In the last few years Ricks work has centered around the art and science of manifestation (as offered in his book and workshop The Alchemy of Abundance). Similar to his work in career and vocation these teachings transcend the overly simplistic approach made popular by the movie The Secret and other get-what-you-want philosophies. They dive deeper – into the alchemical possibilities of loving what is recognizing your greater purpose extra

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