Moments of Stillness – Sarah Edelman – Discount – Guided Meditation and Relaxation Audio CD

Moments of Stillness by Sarah Edelman PhD Guided Meditation and Deep Relaxation Execises View all our Sarah Edelman Audio CD click here Moments of Stillness – Sarah Edelman – Audio CD Brand New (still shrink wrapped): 1 CDs Moments of Stillness contains two half-hour tracks comprising a series of relaxation and meditation exercises spoken by psychologist Sarah Edelman to a background of ambient music by Peter Dixon. Both tracks contain a range of exercises designed to create deep physical relaxation and internal stillness. The guided meditations include a focus on the breath mantra meditation a healing blue light affirmations and observing the present moment. These exercises are ideal for both novice meditators as well as those with more experience who wish to develop their meditation skills. Track 1 Deep Relaxation Counting Down the Breath Observing the Breath Silence meditation Visualisation Affirmations Track 2 Deep Relaxation Sinking Downwards Breathing Meditation quot;Deeper quot; Mantra Meditation Healing Blue Light Mindfulness About the Author Sarah Edelman PhD Sarah Edelman PhD. is an author lecturer and a psychologist in private practice. She worked for many years as a research psychologist at the University of Technology Sydney and has published several articles on the use of CBT with cancer patients. She also conducts workshops for mental health practitioners and employees in industry and provides training for psychologists at the Black Dog Institute Sydney. In 2002 Sarah published a book now in its second edition titled ;Change your Thinking – positive and practical ways to overcome stress negative emotions and self defeating behaviour using CBT it was reprinted in 2006 Sarh Edelman says CBT is not so much about changing personality but adjusting cognition lots more

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