Learn Spanish the Fun Way – Lyric Language Live – Audio CD, DVD and Activity Book

Learn Spanish the Fun Way Lyric Language Live CD DVD and Book Value pack Other Childrens Language Learning Audio click here Other Spanish Language Learning Audio click here Learn Spanish the Fun Way – Lyric Language Live – DVD Activity Book and Audio CD Brand New The Multiple Award Winning Lyric Language series is one of the most successful audio and video language programs available. It teaches foreign languages to children through music and delightful bilingual lyrics. Its also perfect for ESL students! Includes a 70 minute DVD video with a full colour Lyric Book an audio CD containing 21 bilingual songs About the Spanish Language Spanish (espanol ) or Castilian (castellano) is a Romance language originally from the northern area of Spain. From there its use gradually spread inside the Kingdom of Castile where it evolved and eventually became the principal language of the government and trade. It was later taken to Africa the Americas and Asia Pacific when they were brought under Spanish colonial rule between the 15th and 19th centuries. The language is spoken by between 322 and 400 million people natively making Spanish the most spoken Romance language and possibly the second most spoken language by number of native speakers. Today it is one of the official languages of Spain most Latin American countries and Equatorial Guinea. In total 21 nations use Spanish as their primary language. Spanish is also one of six official languages of the United Nations. Spaniards tend to call this language espanol (Spanish) when contrasting it with languages of other states such as French and English but call it castellano (Castilian) that is the language of the Castile region when contrasting it with other languages spoken in Spain such as Galician Basque and Catalan. This reasoning find out more…..

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