Tibetan Dream Yoga – Lama Surya Das – AudioBook CD

Tibetan Dream Yoga by Lama Surya Das Unabridged 2 CD Audio Book Set Get other Meditation and Mindfulness AudioBooks click here Tibetan Dream Yoga – by Lama Surya Das – Audio Book CD Brand New (2 CDs 2 hours): About Tibetan Dream Yoga In the secret teachings of ancient Tibet the dream state is known as Fourth Time a malleable realm where the past present and future meet. It was here that the first meditation masters of Tibet achieved a monumental accomplishment: a way to speed their progress through the stages of enlightenment — while they were asleep. Most of us spend a third of our lives asleep. But what if we could use that time for spiritual exploration and greater fulfillment? Now here is the first audio course to teach you how with the art and science of Tibetan Dream Yoga. About Lama Surya Das Lama Surya Das was born Jeffrey Miller and raised in Valley Steam Long Island New York. He attended the State University of New York at Buffalo graduating in 1971 with a degree in Creative Education. From 1971 to 1976 he traveled in India and Nepal and studied with spiritual teachers of various traditions: Hindu teacher Maharaj-ji (Neem Karoli Baba) Tibetan Buddhist Lamas Thubten Yeshe Kalu Rinpoche and His Holiness the 16thGyalwa Karmapa. In 1973 and 1974 he lived in Kyoto Japan where he taught English and studied Zen Buddhism. He resided at the newly established Karma Triyana Dharmachakra monastery in Woodstock New York from 1977-80. He also studied Vipassana in the 1970s with S. N. Goenka and Anagarika Munindra of the Theravadin tradition. Surya Das attended the first Nyingmapa retreat center in Dordogne France in 1980. At the center he completed two three and a half year retreats under the guidance of Dudjom Rinpoche and Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. He was ordained a lama link here

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