Berlitz Norwegian Phrase Book and Audio CD

Norwegian Phrase Book and CD 1 Audio CDs and 224 page phrase Book Get other Norwegian Language Learning Audio CD click here Norwegian Phrase Book and Audio CD Brand New : 1 CDs and Phrase Book The Berlitz Norwegian Phrase Book CD offers the most up-to-date relevant content in both print and audio formats to help any traveler build a basic Norwegian vocabulary. The completely revised and redesigned Phrase Book contains hundreds of useful travel-related phrases – from saying hello to making a hotel reservation to shopping – and the user-friendly book is color-coded to provide easy navigation between sections. Also included are practical full-color photographs an extensive menu reader and an English-Norwegian dictionary. The accompanying audio CD is narrated by a native speaker using a listen-and-repeat approach that helps you acquire and retain new vocabulary. Whether traveling abroad for business or pleasure the hundreds of travel-related expressions and the convenient compact format make the Berlitz Norwegian Phrase Book CD a suitcase essential. Features: # Over 8 000 words and phrases for every situation # More than an hour of audio content narrated by a native speaker # Updated sections on technology special needs business and more # Compatible with your iPod or MP3 devices About the Norwegian Language Norwegian (norsk) is a North Germanic language spoken primarily in Norway where it is an official language. Together with Swedish and Danish Norwegian forms a continuum of more or less mutually intelligible local and regional variants. These continental Scandinavian languages together with the insular languages Faroese Icelandic as well as some extinct languages constitute the North Germanic languages (also called Scandinavian languages). Faroese and Icelandic are no lo more information…..

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