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Shanti (Peace) by Snatam Kaur 1 CD Get alternative Meditation Music Audio CDs click here Shanti (Peace) – By Snatam Kaur – Meditation Audio CD Brand New 1 CD About Shanti (Peace) Many of the chants and mantras in this album are created by Guru Nanak the First Guru of the Sikhs who lived from 1469 to 1538. Gurr Nanak traveled on foot with his disciple Mardana throughout much of India and additional nations in Asia. Mardana came from a extended lineage of master musicians. Mardana played the rebeck a easy stringed insrument of Persian origing. Guru Nanak would settle in an region possibly under a tree or by a river and start to sing with Mardana accompanying him. Folks would come from miles away attracted by the pure sound present and shortly numerous persons will be gathered around them in absolute rapture and love. Guru Nanak s songs have amazing rhythm and poetry and his content speaks to the Soul. About Snatam Kaur Snatam Kaur Khalsa (born 1972 in Trinidad Colorado) is an American singer and songwriter. She works the Sikh devotional music kirtan and tours all over the world as a peace activist. She lives in Espanola New Mexico. Like all American Sikhs and followers of Yogi Bhajan she shares the center name quot;Kaur quot; and the last name quot;Khalsa quot; with alternative woman Sikhs. Her family moved to California when Snatam was 2 living in Long Beach and Sacramento. When Snatam was six the family went to India where her mom studied Kirtan. Snatam lived on a ranch near Bolinas California until 8th level and then moved to Mill Valley in 1986. During her childhood she played kirtan with her mom in Sikh temples and at Sikh religious ceremonies. She attended Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley. While at Tam High she played violin in the school orchestra and started click on

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Shanti the Yogi – Sacred Source In this beautifully filmed and illustrated DVD, Snatam Kaur takes children on a mountain adventure with Shanti the Yogi. They will have a positive experience of yoga, mantras in motion, music and play.

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Australian Meditation Audio CD – Ascot Books Shanti (Peace) by Snatam Kaur 1 CD Get other Meditation Music Audio CDs click here Shanti (Peace) – By Snatam Kaur – Meditation Audio CD Brand New 1 CD About Shanti (Peace) Many of the chants and mantras in this album are written by Guru Nanak the First Guru of the Sikhs who lived from 1469 to 1538. Gurr Nanak traveled on foot with his disciple Mardana throughout much of India and other …

Meditation Music on Audio CD – Books and more Shanti (Peace) by Snatam Kaur 1 CD Get alternative Meditation Music Audio CDs click here Shanti (Peace) – By Snatam Kaur – Meditation Audio CD Brand New 1 CD Regarding Shanti (Peace) Many of the chants plus mantras inside this album are created by Guru Nanak the First Guru of the Sikhs whom lived from 1469 with 1538. Gurr Nanak journeyed about foot with his disciple Mardana throughout much of …