Teach Yourself Old English – 2 Audio CDs and Book

Teach Yourself Complete Old English Book and 2 Audio CDs Teach Yourself Complete Old English- 2 Audio CDs and Book Brand New: 2 Cds and Book A book and CD Pack Teach Yourself Old English is a self-access course for the independent adult learner who wants to learn to read Old English texts in the original. Texts of literary and historical interest are used to introduce the language which is then explained in simple modern English as it is not assumed that the student has learned a foreign language before. Exercises – written audio and pictorial – are used to reinforce learning. Short cultural context items bring the culture of medieval England to life and explain the relevance of Old English language and literature to speakers of modern English. Selected extracts in Old English feature on the audio CDs. * GRAMMAR IS CLEARLY EXPLAINED – in simple modern English * CULTURE SECTIONS – understand the relevance of Old English to modern English language literature and life * OLD ENGLISH TAUGHT THROUGH AUTHENTIC TEXTS – the words and phrases as used in the original documents * EXERCISES TO REINFORCE UNDERSTANDING – comprehension reading for gist comparing texts * LISTEN TO OLD ENGLISH ON THE AUDIO CD – bring Old English to life Table of Contents: Contents Part I – Foundation 1 A king must rule a country 2 Say what I am called 3 I promise three things 4 The four season 5 A certain stone 6 Signs in the monastery 7 King Cnuts proclamation 8 Charters and writs 9 Dedication of a church 10 The translation of St Alphege 11 The family dispute in Herefordshire 12 Love and marriage 13 The kings duties 14 The first English fiction Part II – History 15 The Alfred jewel 16 Alfred and Guthrum 17 The Fonthill cattle raid 18 The legend of the Anchorite 19 Three charters from the reign of Edgar find out more…..

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