Kabbalah Meditation – Rabbi David A. Cooper – Audio Book CD

Kabbalah Meditation by Rabbi David A. Cooper Other Meditation Audio Books on CD click here Kabbalah Meditations – Rabbi David A. Cooper – Audio CD Brand New : 2 CD s Over 2 000 years ago Jewish mystics devised unique meditations to enhance awareness and contact higher planes of consciousness becoming vessels forthe light of God. They developed a precise system — the Kabbalah — and passed its teachings by word of mouth only believing that the secrets of the Kabbalah transcend the written word. In this great oral tradition Kabbalah Meditation will immerse you in this traditional school of sacred wisdom for reaching peace through union with God. Experience a practical uplifting and fascinating introduction to a time-honored system of spiritual growth and self-discovery. The Kabbalah Judaisms timeless mystical tradition was said to be brought down from heaven by angels. Its teachings were originally passed down by word of mouth because mystics believed its secrets transcended the written word. Rabbi David Coopers Kabbalah Meditation continues this great oral tradition immersing his students in its sacred wisdom of reaching peace through direct union with God. These 11 unique and authentic meditations are over 2000 years old yet offer proven methods to increase our awareness contact higher planes of consciousness and become vessels for the light of God. About the Author Rabbi David A. Cooper Rabbi David Cooper is a well-known author lecturer teacher and meditation guide. He has written seven books including his best selling work: God is a Verb: Kabbalah and the Practice of Mystical Judaism. He also authored A Heart of Stillness: A Complete Guide to Learning the Art of Meditation and Silence Simplicity and Solitude: A Complete Guide to Spiritual Retreat. Two of his new book more tips

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