How To Build Altered Wheelbase Cars

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How To Build Altered Wheelbase Cars by Steve MagnanteIn How to Build Altered Wheelbase Cars renowned writer Steve Magnante first walks readers through the colorful history of the altered wheelbase period and then shows them how to perform these radical modifications themselves. Magnante s fun and colorful style makes for entertaining reading and the coverage of floorpan mods chassis alterations and both front and rear suspension upgrades are covered in great detail on three different chassis types. After reading this book the basic technical tenets of altering vehicle wheelbase will be understood and the almost mythical legend surrounding such cars will be fully realized. What were once considered race only modifications can now be civilized for street use and Magnante carefully reviews all of the relevant points for optimal appearance performance and safety. Integracar attempts to supply a sizeable diversity of owners manuals. Unfortunately repair manuals may just be released for foreign countries and the motor vehicles manufactured for those countries. Fot that reason not all workshop manuals may be ideal for your individual car. If you have important questions whether a certain owners manual is relevant for your car kindly e-mail us hereHow To Build Altered Wheelbase Cars by Steve Magnante much more info

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Features – Altered Wheelbase Picture Thread | Page 12 … February issue of Muscle Car Review just out and it has a nice article on the Flatlander Fling event that has some nice pictures of the restored Golden Commandos and Honker Dodge altered wheel base cars. It was neat to see the cars actually taking some 60 foot bursts down the drag strip

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How to Build Altered Wheelbase Cars – The Motor Bookstore How to Build Altered Wheelbase Cars by Steve Magnante will show you how to make the outrageous modifications to your car that were infamous during the altered wheelbase era of the 1960s. Gasser-class and other altered wheelbase machines of the 1960s radically changed our understanding of what is referred to as a hot rod.

1965 Plymouth Factory Altered Wheelbase – Muscle Cars Each Mopar altered wheelbase car underwent serious surgery. The wheels were moved forward — the rear axle by 15 inches, the front suspension by 10 — to create a 110-inch wheelbase racer that put about 56 percent of the car’s weight over the rear tires .

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