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Wellbeing – The Complete Relaxation Experience – Audio CDs … The Ultimate Wellbeing Album The Complete Relaxation Experience Get Other Meditation Mindfulness and Self-Help Audio Books click here Wellbeing – The Ultimate Indulgence Album – Audio CD and DVD The Ultimate Wellbeing Album – The Complete Relaxation Experience Playing Time -:203 mins + over 60 mins on DVD The pace of life today is as …

Relaxation for health – | WellBeing.com.au M any people tend to think of relaxation as more of a leisure pursuit. However, relaxation time is needed to help you achieve total health. Stress accumulates from a range of different factors and in the long run this can have dire effects on your health.

The importance of relaxation – | WellBeing.com.au During meditation, the brain produces alpha and theta waves which enhance wellbeing and promote calmness. Studies have also found that meditation induces a “relaxation response” by providing stress relief and lowering blood pressure. Meditating for 10 minutes a day can help you experience the relaxing benefits available.

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