The Yoga of Sleep – Rubin Naiman – Audio CD

The Yoga of Sleep by Rubin Naiman other Yoga Audio CDs click here The Yoga of Sleep – by Rubin Naiman – Audio CD Brand New (still shrink wrapped): 2 CDs Were in the midst of an epidemic of sleeplessness with half of adults struggling with insomnia and a host of health risks associated with inadequate rest and sleep. Yet were all aware of the benefits of good sleep from vibrant health to better productivity to happier relationships and more. On The Yoga of Sleep Dr. Rubin Naiman integrates effective sleep science with time-honored sacred perspectives to help us reclaim the full potential of our nightly journeys. This practical two-CD course begins with a discussion of the lost art of sleep examining common disorders and how to promote natural healthy sleep. Dr. Naiman shares techniques for managing agitated minds letting go at days end optimizing your sleep setting (or environment) and more. We then join him for five guided practices including: Rituals and rhythms-contemplation on the essential elements of healthy sleep. A mindful surrender to sleep-meditation relaxation and hypnotic techniques for a smooth transition About Rubin Naiman Dr. Rubin Naiman was born in Europe and spent his early childhood in New York City. When he was eight his family moved to a farm in South Jersey where he developed a deep love of nature and sensitivity to her beautiful rhythms. Dr. Naiman graduated from Atlantic City High School where he was voted most eccentric attended Rutgers University with the intention of becoming a rabbi encountered the sixties and when he regained consciousness found himself married with three lovely children and a deepening interest in psychology. Dr. Naiman completed his undergraduate studies at Rutgers University and the University of Arizona where he receive click

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