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Atmospheres By Deuter Get additional Meditation Music Audio CDs click here Atmospheres – Deuter – Meditation Audio CD Brand New 1 CD About Atmospheres Mystical and welcoming Atmospheres gently envelopes and embraces you in a blanket of musical color. From the peaceful guiding notes of the piano to the sonorous strings of the cello to the interwoven sounds of nature Deuter has again created an stirringly gorgeous album that is certain to entrance and calm the soul. Stroll through the landscapes of Deuter s musical masterpiece and discover yourself in enchanted and blissful serenity. About Deuter Born Georg Deuter in 1945 in post-war Germany in the town of Falkenhagen he taught himself the guitar flute harmonica and quot;just about every instrument I might receive my hands on quot; though it wasn t until after a near-fatal automobile crash in his early twenties that he decided to follow a profession in music. His initial launch in 1970 entitled D is generally recognized as a Krautrock classic. D marked the beginning of Deuter s spiritual and musical journey ostensibly paving the technique for a modern genre of music well-known as New Age which combined acoustic and electronic ingredients with ethnic instrumentation and nature sounds like whale and bird song the open sea wind in the trees et cetera. During the 1970s and 1980s Deuter after travelling extensively in Asia looking for spiritual and creative inspiration settled for a extended time in Pune India where under the name Chaitanya Hari he became a neo-sannyasin – a disciple of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh who later changed his name to Osho. With the help of the multitrack tape machine living in the neo-sannyas ashram he produced a series of music tapes to be employed in quot;active meditations quot; consisting of many more tips

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?Atmospheres by Deuter on iTunes This album is a beautiful representation of the masterful work of Deuter. Each note carries you to higher and higher realms. “With Atmospheres, Deuter creates a dreamy, somber, yet soothingly nostalgic haze, a drowsy music-box melody stretched in the vortex of our first memories as babies, down at the base of the tree from which our whole …

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Atmospheres – Deuter – AudioBook CD | Winch Books Atmospheres By Deuter Get additional Meditation Music Audio CDs click here Atmospheres – Deuter – Meditation Audio CD Brand New 1 CD About Atmospheres Mystical and welcoming Atmospheres gently envelopes and embraces you in a blanket of musical color.

Atmospheres – New Earth Records Mystical and inviting, Atmospheres gently envelopes and embraces you in a blanket of musical color. From the peaceful, guiding notes of the piano to the sonorous strings of the cello to the interwoven sounds of nature, Deuter has once again created an stirringly beautiful album that is sure to entrance and calm the soul.

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