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Guided Meditations for Busy People by Bodhipaksa Unabridged 1CD Audio Book Set Get other Meditation and Mindfulness Audio Books click here Guided Meditations for Busy People – by Bodhipaksa – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 hour 1 CD): About Guided Meditations for Busy People If you feel the need to learn meditation but the idea of finding 30 or 40 minutes to meditate is itself stressful this CD is for you. Short power meditations such as these – between three and nine minutes in length – can be highly beneficial for busy people. Each practice teaches a specific and powerful technique for quickly transforming the mind encouraging the rapid development of calmness spaciousness and relaxation. About Bodhipaksa Im a Buddhist teacher and author living in New Hampshire but originally from Scotland. I got the Sanskrit name (which means Wings of Enlightenment incidentally) when I joined the Western Buddhist Order in 1993 after 11 years of Buddhist practice. I practice at Aryaloka Buddhist Center which is just down the road. I run Wildmind which has a mission to spread compassion and mindfulness through the practice of Buddhist meditation. We offer an extensive self-paced guide to a variety of meditation techniques and well as a regular stream of articles in our blog. We also publish guided meditation CDs. Wildminds where I do the bulk of my writing. I teach meditation and Buddhism in prison. Thats an incredibly satisfying thing to do. I like kayaking and photography. I love reading and movies. Sometimes I hike but Ive been getting lazier as Ive been getting older. In 2006 my wife and I adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia and thats been more satisfying than I could have imagined. And then in 2009 we did it again and adopted a baby boy also from Ethiopia. Guided Meditations for Busy P additional info…..

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Guided Meditations for Busy People – Bodhipaksa … Guided Meditations for Busy People by Bodhipaksa Unabridged 1CD Audio Book Set Get other Meditation and Mindfulness Audio Books click here Guided Meditations for Busy People – by Bodhipaksa – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 hour 1 CD): About Guided Meditations for Busy People If you feel the need to learn meditation but the idea of finding 30 or 40 minutes to meditate is itself stressful this …

Guided Meditations for Busy People – Most people who have difficulty setting up a meditation practice cite lack of time as the main hindrance. But with this audiobook, there’s no excuse! But with this audiobook, there’s no excuse! Guided Meditations for Busy People is designed with the time-pressured in mind and offers nine short meditations from three minutes to nine minutes in length.

Guided Meditations for Busy People by Bodhipaksa Guided Meditations for Busy People book. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. If you feel the need to learn meditation but you find t… Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers.

Guided Meditations for Busy People – Wildmind Guided Meditations for Busy People. Available as a CD, and as an MP3 download. If you’re a stressed, busy person who feels the need to learn meditation but the idea of finding 30 or 40 minutes to meditate is itself stressful, this CD is for you.

Guided Meditations for Busy People (Audiobook) by … Most people who have difficulty setting up a meditation practice cite lack of time as the main hindrance. But with this audiobook, there’s no excuse! Guided Meditations for Busy People is designed with the time-pressured in mind and offers nine short meditations from three minutes to nine minutes in

Guided Meditations for Busy People Audiobook | Bodhipaksa … Listen to Guided Meditations for Busy People Audiobook by Bodhipaksa, narrated by Bodhipaksa