Inner Talk for a Love That Works – The Fear-less Series – Susan Jeffers

Inner Talk for a Love That Works by Susan Jeffers Ph.D. The Fear-less Series Get additional Meditiation and Mindfulness CD s click here Inner Talk for a Love That Works – by Susan Jeffers – AudioBookCD Brand New Audio CD Susan Jeffers created these calming internal thoughts and affirmations to aid you remove the worries of daily existence and create a feeling of peace within yourself. Even though you reside in a surprisingly stressful planet you are able to substitute bad chatter in your notice with effective and loving messages within the Higher Self. Great bedtime reading or hearing. About Susan Jeffers Susan Jeffers Ph.D. has aided millions of individuals throughout the planet overcome their worries heal their relationships and move forward in existence with self-confidence and love. Susan Jeffers writer of books on overcoming fearShe is the writer of various internationally famous books including Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Feel the Fear. . .and Beyond Feel the Fear Power Planner End the Struggle and Dance With Life Dare to Connect Opening Our Hearts to Men Losing a Love…Finding a Life Thoughts Of Power and Love The Little Book of Confidence Embracing Uncertainty Life is Huge! plus her Fear-less Series of affirmation books and tapes (Inner Talk for Peace of Mind Inner Talk for a Confident Day and Inner Talk For a Love That Works). Her newest book is The Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love which was published in the UK in May 2005 and in the US and Canada by her own publishing business Jeffers Press in October 2005. As perfectly as being a best-selling writer Susan is a sought-after public speaker and has been a guest on various radio and tv shows internationally. She lives with her spouse Mark Shelmerdine in Los Angeles.What makes the function of Susan Jeffers more…..

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