Meditations for Emotional Healing – Tara Brach – Audio CD

Meditations for Emotional Healing Tara Brach Other Meditation Audio Books click here Meditations for Emotional Healing – Tara Brach – Audio Book CD Brand New (still shrink wrapped): 2 CDs 2 Hours Despite our best intentions we often have trouble dealing effectively with strong emotions. What if you had a conscious skillful way to respond in times of anger fear jealousy shame and other powerful emotions? Meditations for Emotional Healing gives us a collection of insights and practices for bringing compassion clarity and understanding to our emotional lives–instead of expressing or repressing them in unhealthy ways. Leading meditation teacher and clinical psychologist Tara Brach guides us through a transformative series of exercises to cultivate greater self-acceptance and emotional liberation. Meditations include: How to work with trauma fear and shame – Forgiveness meditation – Compassion meditation – Invoking loving presence in the face of difficulty – The power of yes As Tara puts it – When we touch what is painful with awareness the armoring around our heart melts and we become more tender and kind. Meditations for Emotional Healing is an invitation to return to our natural state at peace with what is energetically whole and spiritually free. About Tara Brach: Tara Brachs teachings blend Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices mindful attention to our inner life and a full compassionate engagement with our world. The result is a distinctive voice in Western Buddhism one that offers a wise and caring approach to freeing ourselves and society from suffering. As an undergraduate at Clark University Tara pursued a double major in psychology and political science. During this time while working as a grass roots organizer for tenants rights she also began atten lots more

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Tara Brach Tara Brach For more than 35 years I’ve been practicing and teaching Buddhist meditation, emotional healing and spiritual awakening, with a focus on vipassana (mindfulness) meditation. Senior teacher and founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington.