Replacement Dial Label for Vintage 802 Telecom / PMG Rotary dial phone

4 x Replacement paper Dial Labelsthe item that is often missing on the Retro 802 ACF series Telecom/PMG phones These are 4 (four) replacement paper dial labels with four different types of labels that were on the 802 series phone in the 1970s and 1980s. It does not include the genuine plastic dial label cover which you can get here – You can get a cheaper glued plastic dial cover here. The arrow points to the dial label that is often missing on 802 series phones. You can have a different mix of four labels if you want just put in the comments section of checkout what four labels you want. Genuine replacement 3 pronged Telecom/PMG dial cover click here Clear plastic dial cover cheaper alternative that can be glued onto dial click here 4 x Telephone Dial Label paper replacement 802 ACF Telecom / PMG telephone lots more

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