Indigo Teen Dreams – Lori Lite – AudioBook CD

Indigo Teen Dreams by Lori Lite 1 CD meditation audio CD Get other Meditation Audio CDs click here Indigo Teen Dreams – By Lori Lite – Meditation Audio CD Brand New 1 CD About Indigo Teen Dreams Indigo Teen Dreams allows teens to manage stress anger and anxiety while increasing self-esteem and self-awareness. Teens explore relaxation and stress-management techniques while receiving guided instructions on the techniques of breathing visualizations muscular relaxation and affirmations. This straight forward easy to follow approach encourages teens to take charge of their own feelings and stress. It provides a safe place where teens can be themselves while not worrying about peer pressure or living up to any ones expectations. It is motivating encouraging and instructional at the same time! Additional uplifting music sound tracks are provided to further enhance their relaxation experience. These proven techniques provide tools for teens trying to make their way in todays world. Teens are encouraged to make good choices and believe in themselves while managing stress and anger. Great for teens entering Middle School through High School. About Lori Lite Lori Lite began creating stories to insure her own childrens strong state of mind and peaceful sleep. Her own experiences with stress and anxiety ailments sent her searching for techniques that people could utilize in their everyday lives. Ms. Lites books CDs and curriculums are considered a resource for parents psychologists therapists child life specialists teachers and yoga instructors. Her Indigo Dreams audio book/CD series has been awarded the CNE Award of Excellence. Ms. Lite has been interviewed and written articles for several media outlets including: ABC Radio; CBS News; USA Today; Web MD; Stress Free Living; Mind Bo find out more…..

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