Indonesian – Berlitz Phrasebook and Dicitonary

Indonesian – Berlitz Phrasebook and Dicitonary over 8000 words and phrases Other Learn to Speak Indonesian Audio and Books click here Indonesian – Berlitz Phrasebook and Dicitonary – Paperback Paperback – 224pp You will never be lost for words with Berlitz – from arriving at the airport to ordering food and drinks sightseeing or booking accommodation; this portable Indonesian phrase book and dictionary covers everything you need to know to enjoy your trip. Featuring over 8 000 of the most useful everyday phrases you will be able to converse with confidence in any situation that you may come across; whether you are travelling with children on business or you have a disability. You can forget spending hours of valuable time rifling hopelessly through pages of dull small print because the easy-to-use colour-coded sections in this book allow you to flick straight to the phrase you need; leaving you more time to enjoy yourself. Language is up-to-date and accompanied by clear pronunciations so you can start using this book straight away regardless of ability. Full-colour photographs and illustrations help to visually clarify many important subjects such as currency and motoring signs. Also included is a comprehensive bilingual dictionary and quick reference table for the most essential phrases. With language as no barrier you can About the Indonesian Language Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) is the official language of Indonesia. Indonesian is a standardized dialect of the Malay language that was officially defined with the declaration of Indonesias independence in 1945 although in the 1928 Indonesian Youth Pledge have declared it as the official language. Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation in the world. Of its large population the number of people who fluently speak I more information…..

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