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Vietnamese Audio CD Course Two Audio CDs and Phrase Book More Vietnamese Language Learning click here Vietnamese Audio CD Course – Audio and PhraseBook Brand New (still shrink wrapped): 2 CDs Based on the widely acclaimed accelerated learning method developed for U.S. Government personnel these language courses feature basic conversational phrases on two audio CDs . Topics include: Greetings Personal Needs Transportation Business Health and Emergency Terms and more. You can learn anytime anywhere… in your car… while exercising… whenever! The pocket-size Phrase Book included with the courses can be used separately as an excellent and handy reference guide while traveling. The Phrase Book includes: * Introduction by Charles Berlitz world-famous linguist * Separate Grammar Section * Pronunciation Guide * Updated Social Customs * Vocabulary Index * Phonetic Pronunciation Columns and Foreign Scripts About the Vietnamese Language Vietnamese formerly known under French colonization as Annamese (see Annam) is the national and official language of Vietnam. It is the mother tongue of the Vietnamese people who constitute 86% of Vietnams population and of about three million overseas Vietnamese most of whom live in the United States. It is also spoken as a second language by some ethnic minorities of Vietnam. It is part of the Austroasiatic language family of which it has the most speakers by a significant margin (several times larger than the other Austroasiatic languages put together). Much vocabulary has been borrowed from Chinese and it was originally written using the Chinese writing system. The Vietnamese writing system in use today is an adapted version of the Latin alphabet with additional diacritics for tones and certain letters. It seems likely that in the distant p click

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